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All of us have the power to create change. The advances in technology are now such that if you have an idea, it’s easier than ever to execute on it. “Kym McNicholas On Innovation” shares the journeys of successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from around the world who will inspire you to create your own financial independence. The show also features some of the most advanced technologies you’ve never heard of that could be have an impact on your life, your business, and your career. Regular featured segments include “The Edge” which highlights businesses that are game-changing in the enterprise. Plus, each week in “HealthTech”, you’ll hear about a company that’s creating better, safer, faster, and cheaper technologies that will improve patient care and lower costs. And in our “Female Seeking Startup” series hear the success stories of some of the most powerful women who are creating game-changing technologies.
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Kym McNicholas On Innovation


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Jun 2, 2017
How do you think big when you don’t. What a great question. You start a company. You find success initially with your product. You may be profitable. But you’ve plateaued – what next? How do you scale? Or let’s say You start a company. You have a great product. You’re not yet profitable. And you need to raise money to subsidize growth? Over the next hour we have Aurelia Setton to share the secrets to scaling your business. She is the founder and CEO of MontBlanc Ventures, which does seed investments in early stage startups. It also offers executive, hands-on operational support to companies that are ready to scale… with go-to-market and sales, whether they’re financially involved in the organization or not. Aurelia has a proven track record in helping companies to scale. She’s helped scale a small family-owned wine business from zero to $15 million in revenue, helped a cleantech company raise $90 million, along with guiding their growth to IPO. Plus, she’s driven growth in LinkedIn’s sales organization, managing a global sales team and putting in place structure to limit the cost of sales without impacting effectiveness, in fact increasing positive impact on customers. She then went on to build a vertical business of $30M within a larger organization called Medallia, providing software for companies to scale while keeping customer feedback in the center of their decisions. And that’s just to offer a few of the many highlights of her career. She’s now dedicating her time to helping as many startups as she can manage, and even more than that. I am sure the challenge for her is to keep having to select the best companies to work with while spending time helping the largest number of startups possible.