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All of us have the power to create change. The advances in technology are now such that if you have an idea, it’s easier than ever to execute on it. “Kym McNicholas On Innovation” shares the journeys of successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from around the world who will inspire you to create your own financial independence. The show also features some of the most advanced technologies you’ve never heard of that could be have an impact on your life, your business, and your career. Regular featured segments include “The Edge” which highlights businesses that are game-changing in the enterprise. Plus, each week in “HealthTech”, you’ll hear about a company that’s creating better, safer, faster, and cheaper technologies that will improve patient care and lower costs. And in our “Female Seeking Startup” series hear the success stories of some of the most powerful women who are creating game-changing technologies.
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Kym McNicholas On Innovation


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Apr 7, 2017
America’s greatest pastime has begun! Major League Baseball is underway! And there’s a new MVP! It’s the CIO! The lead technology strategist for MLB teams are not only changing the game for fans, but also the players. And I would argue that San Francisco Giants CIO Bill Schlough, is at the forefront of cutting edge technology to improve player performance. His IT team has put into play a number of proprietary analytic tools that are credited for helping the team earn three world series trophies in five years. We caught up with him recently at Spring Training and spoke to him about the technological evolution of the Giants and what’s next. He shares some of the secrets to this Bay Area franchise’s success. Phil McKinney, CEO of CableLabs, the research and development arm of America’s cable companies, also joins the conversation to talk about the newest innovation to create a more impactful fan experience at home. And just as Major League season is underway, the NBA is about to climax! Who is in contention for this year’s NBA Championship? Count the Golden State Warriors IN! Find out a big secret to the Warriors run for the championship. Latisha Taylor, Founder/CEO, of HealthMeasured shares one secret to the Golden State Warriors’ Championship. She says it has to do with a technology that measures oxidation and inflammation levels, which are key to future disease prevention. She left a successful career in pharmaceutical sales five years ago to start HCPN Alliance, which has become a multi-million dollar healthcare practice management firm. Her clients include the Golden State Warriors. And now she’s also started Health Measured to fill a gap in employee health awareness and disease prevention, In both cases, she is 100% committed to putting an end to diseases which she believes could be preventable if the inflammatory culprit was caught early on.