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All of us have the power to create change. The advances in technology are now such that if you have an idea, it’s easier than ever to execute on it. “Kym McNicholas On Innovation” shares the journeys of successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from around the world who will inspire you to create your own financial independence. The show also features some of the most advanced technologies you’ve never heard of that could be have an impact on your life, your business, and your career. Regular featured segments include “The Edge” which highlights businesses that are game-changing in the enterprise. Plus, each week in “HealthTech”, you’ll hear about a company that’s creating better, safer, faster, and cheaper technologies that will improve patient care and lower costs. And in our “Female Seeking Startup” series hear the success stories of some of the most powerful women who are creating game-changing technologies.
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Kym McNicholas On Innovation


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Sep 23, 2016
Kym McNicholas is at the VIVA conference in Las Vegas where she talks to doctors about the rise in outpatient facilities, how they're democratizing medicine to reduce amputations in lower income communities, and increasing safety with less invasive procedures. Also, the latest in treatments for Peripheral Artery Disease and Heart Failure. Plus, a new Zero Gravity Radiation Protective System that could save your doctor's life.
Sep 16, 2016
Serial Entrepreneur Trevor Traina shares his journey to creating a website that curates once-in-a-lifetime experiences such as a $4.8 million balloon ride over Mt. Everest and a 4-day heli-skiing trip with John F. Kennedy. How Traina and his team offers some of the coolest opportunities you can’t find anywhere else such as throwing a football with former 49er Joe Montana or even simply learning how to be a barista or chef from some of the top names in the world. Plus, meet Kunal Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of big data performance platform, Unravel Data, who just exited stealth mode with a $7.2 million dollar Series A venture capital round of funding. How he’s creating the ultimate digital dashboard for data at some of the biggest names in Corporate America. Also, a marketing genius responsible for strategies for big brands such as Budweiser and Milkbone talks about the best ways to make your message and product viral. Ben Kaplan, founder and CEO of PR Hacker offers tips on becoming an effective thought leader, gain media attention, and capture millions of eyeballs. And a 12-year-old girl coder gives us an exclusive first interview about her trip to the White House this week.
Sep 9, 2016
Get ready for a digital welcome and full-fledged customer experience at stadiums and large entertainment venues. Quylur Intelligent Systems has created a large device that not only scans your ticket, shares promotional offers, and screens your bag, but it also is customizable by its customers depending on the venue. For example, Levi’s Stadium, home of the San Francisco 49ers, can program the machine to discover selfie sticks, which are not allowed. The Founder and CEO of Qylur Intelligent Systems is Lisa Dolev, who also served in the Israeli military performing counter terrorism operations. She’ll not only talk about the technology but also how she’s built a team to create LARGE hardware the Elon Musk way. Plus, she explains why she’s never had to raise Venture Capital money and yet has brought in more than $32 million in funding. She offers great advice for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs on the importance of bringing ideas to paper, creating a core mission, having conviction in that mission, and how to develop a technology that truly solves a problem for customers and their patrons. Later in the show, meet another rockstar entrepreneur who served in the Israeli Military as an F16 pilot who’s now developing a real estate app, Stiya. Ilana Golan explain how her service has helped her to build a successful startup team, has created a no nonsense and unstoppable mindset, and has taught her to implement a solution-oriented approach to business no matter how dire the circumstances. And in our weekly “HealthTech” series, meet Connor Landgraf, CEO of Eko Devices, which has created the world’s smartest stethoscope. He’ll talk about the FDA approved device which is now being used in more than a dozen clinical studies and in 400 hospitals.
Sep 2, 2016
Kym McNicholas and Co-Host Fran Maier talk to successful women in technology. This week we take a detour to talk to Fran’s former colleague, Gary Kremen, about Founders, Co-Founders and why it makes a difference! And we bring on Angela Pan, CEO of Ashley Chloe who shares the story behind her wearable fashionable Bluetooth headphones. Finally we share our favorite tech, here what speakers we love in our homes!
Sep 2, 2016
New FAA regulations could lead to nearly $100 billion added to the U.S. economy and more than 100,000 new jobs. Skycatch, a company that turns 3D photos captured by a drone into 3D models, is one of the Bay Area companies benefiting from this new rule. A Skycatch employee is one of the first in the nation to get a new Federal license to fly drones. Hear about how Skytch is not only helping to automate bulldozers but also map exotic island such as that of Sir Richard Branson. Plus, KRON 4 television News Director Aaron Pero talks about how the new FAA regulations benefit breaking news coverage. And in our weekly “The Edge” series, find out how the Dropbox data breach of more than 70,000 emails/passwords, could’ve been prevented. Soha Systems CEO Haseeb Budhani explains how third party data breaches can be prevented. Plus, don’t miss the perfect gifts to give in honor of Kym’s birthday. Some say HTC Vive VR Headset, Ringly, Apple TV, Tesla X, and drones are the best gifts of the year. The perfect celebration libation? One caller pitched an adult Otterpop called, Sloshee.