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All of us have the power to create change. The advances in technology are now such that if you have an idea, it’s easier than ever to execute on it. “Kym McNicholas On Innovation” shares the journeys of successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from around the world who will inspire you to create your own financial independence. The show also features some of the most advanced technologies you’ve never heard of that could be have an impact on your life, your business, and your career. Regular featured segments include “The Edge” which highlights businesses that are game-changing in the enterprise. Plus, each week in “HealthTech”, you’ll hear about a company that’s creating better, safer, faster, and cheaper technologies that will improve patient care and lower costs. And in our “Female Seeking Startup” series hear the success stories of some of the most powerful women who are creating game-changing technologies.
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Kym McNicholas On Innovation


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Dec 31, 2016
Fran shares with Kym some of the ways it is easier to be an entrepreneur now compared to 20 years ago when Fran co-founded Key differences include the many accelerators or incubators available to entrepreneurs, the emergence of angel investing and Angel groups, and the low cost now with cloud services (no longer have to buy servers!). We then interview technology leader Sandy Carter about a new survey that is trying to get at why female entrepreneur are less likely to get funding even though they are more likely to have successful companies. We end the talk on things we can do to help more women succeed and make that our joint resolution for 2017!
Dec 31, 2016
We talk to cPacket CEO Brendan O’Flaherty about their technology, which monitors critical networks such as those proided by Verizon or AT&T. They ensure these networks are working properly so that for example, people can buy Holiday gifts online on Cyber Monday, or make sure massive stock purchases/sales go off without a hitch. They also help service providers in the UK to help identify cyber criminals and terrorists. He explains how during the show. Also, if you’ve broken the screen on your phone, have no fear! ICracked is here! We talk to the CEO about not only how this company makes getting your phone fixed quick and easy, but how he’s helping people to become entrepreneurs and create their own business out of fixing phones.
Dec 16, 2016
OUR FEMALE SEEKING STARTUP SERIES COHOST FRAN MAIER, COFOUNDER AND CEO OF BABY GEAR RENTAL COMPANY BABIERGE, COFOUNDER OF MATCH.COM AS WELL AS THE COFOUNDER OF TRUST-E, joins us in a conversation with Lindsay Holden, cofounder and CEO of savings lottery Long Game. She talks about how you get a shot at winning money simply by investing in your future. Before starting Long Game, Lindsay Holden co-founded the Applicant Auction, the primary auction for Top Level Domain names which held over $500M in auctions and over $1B in escrow before being acquired.
Dec 16, 2016
President-elect Donald Trump visits Silicon Valley to meet with some of the biggest names in technology and that got me to thinking… what will come of the expanded White House Smart Cities Initiative that was announced in September, which allocates more than $80 million in new federal investment and a doubling of the participating cities and communities to more than 70. The initiative makes it easier for cities, federal agencies, universities, and the private sector to all work collaboratively to research, develop, deploy, and testbed, new technologies designed to help make our cities more inhabitable, cleaner, as well as more equitable. For example – developing new data and analytics tools to help buildings reduce their energy footprint. Creating an entire urban network of connected and autonomous vehicles that can automatically cooperate to improve safety and travel efficiency, such as the one being funded in Chattanooga. And most importantly, implementing more effective warning systems to help first responders act more rapidly to save lives. It’s all about connectivity! One of the companies at the heart of the Smart City is Silver Spring Networks. This company has deployed nearly 25 million ‘smart’ enabled devices across five continents – deployments of which are enabling smart cities, smart utilities, iOT, and industrial internet of things applications. To tell us what this means, who better than the Chief Technology Officer, or CTO of Silver Spring Networks, Don Reeves, who joins us to talk about why our cities are behind the times in implementing new technologies and what's being done to expedite adoption and impact.
Dec 9, 2016
From SpaceX Director of Recruiting to developing the next big breakthrough in women’s shoes, Dolly Singh has founded Thesis Couture. She talks about how she's using space age theories, technology, and materials to create the ultimate stiletto. Also on the show… Are you prepared for success? In other words, do you think you deserve it? If you had unconscious beliefs keeping you from success wouldn’t you want to know what they are and how to address them? Susan Davis with talks about how you can get into the right mindset to finish off 2016 and start fresh in 2017.
Dec 9, 2016
Gaurav Dhillon, Founder/CEO SnapLogic - Two decades after starting a company which went public then sold to a group of investors including Microsoft, Salesforce Ventures for more than $5 billion, Gaurav Dhillon embarked on a new entrepreneurial adventure, SnapLogic, which focuses on seamlessly integrating business applications. We had him on our show this past summer to share his journey transitioning from a business suit to a hoodie…and starting a business in a very new day and age of entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley. He talks about landing a $40M round of funding to help SnapLogic disrupt the integration market. Also on the show, Nicki Klein talks about revolutionizing the job recruitment industry with Betagig, the world's first and only digital platform to streamline job shadowing. Her innovative idea won the Launch Festival of 2016, and has since influenced Fortune 500 companies such as Transamerica to remodel the hiring process. And Alex Petrov, founder and CEO of YesHealth talks about his innovative way to help people with diabetes get on a healthier track. He'll also explain how his disruptive platform can expand into helping people with other chronic diseases.
Dec 2, 2016
We talk to the founders of some of the companies competing in the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC), a global startup competition where the ultimate prize is to pitch Virgin brands billionaire Sir Richard Branson on his private island in the British Virgin Islands. The companies featured in today's show include LISNR, which sends data over audio, sending packets of data every second between any device with a speaker and microphone. The WTFast Gamers Private Network makes online game traffic faster and smoother to help you win. ActiveProtective is smart belt that protects the hips of older adults using 3D motion sensors and wearable airbags. They aim to make hip fractures a preventable condition. Praiseworthy is the Yelp for employees. The XTC top ten is being selected December 3, 2016 at a non-profit event held by XTC's parent organization, MaiTai Global. The event is called the Ocean Gala and one of the organizers explain how you can win a trip to play on the island as well. Our Guest Co-host for the day is Grieg Coppee. He is an independent advisor and early stage investor for many established and newly formed businesses. He has served on the board of directors or advisors of several companies, including Accuvant, Fuhu, Xero, as well as, numerous start-ups that he has invested in. As an advisor, he has provided strategy and corporate development services to several private equity, Fortune 500, and VC portfolio companies. Most recently, Grieg Coppe was the Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer for Intuit, the financial management software and service provider. There he led a team setting strategy for the company’s $4B business and overseeing the acquisition of several key assets.
Dec 2, 2016
Jumio's CEO Stephen Stuut talks about how biometric facial recognition is helping to combat identity fraud by making sure you are who you say you are when opening a bank account, for example. This means that on a mobile phone, you could use a “selfie” to help prove that you’re a real person on the other end of the phone.